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A treat... A bite...


Arancino/a | €7

Golden fried cheese and pepper rice ball, pepper ketchup and provolone del monaco


Crouton | €7

Bruscato brioche bread, Viterbo ciauscolo and spicy gorgonzola


Er maritozzo all'innamorata | €7

Sweet doughand, savory filling, ricotta and pecorino romano, amatriciano sauce to season everything


Com'è andata? Burro e Alici | €7

Crispy homemade brioche bread, mountain butter creamed with Cantabrian anchovy herbs


The fries | 7

Our finger fries cooked three times,creamy in the heart and crunchy on the outside



Focacciamami | €10

Soft Genoese stuffed with San Daniele, squaquerello and wild rocket, spring onion and cucumber sauce


Mac&Cheese, Ok but fried! | €10

Macaroni with provolone, pecorino and smoked provola fried in crunchy homemade breadcrumbs


¡TACO LOCO! | 13€

Grilled potatoes taco filled with fish, citrus and veggies


The Scottish | €10

Home-marinated salmon, its eggs, crunchy celery and spicy mayo


Battutina | €10

Beef tartare in classic sauce, cucumber, anchovy and reserved parmesan


Damn good lentils!!! | €12

Potatoes and leeks cream, veggie roasted salad and lentils 


Nato con la camicia | €12

Egg poche, salmon eggs and three way asparagus salad 


Ratatouille | €10

Roasted veggies, tomato gazpacho and basil sponge cake 



Let's get comfortable

Testaccio Marino | 18

Pasta with pecorino cheese, red prowns tartare fresh thyme and lime


Caesar what is Caesar’s | 16€

Chicken and lettuce grilled,parmesan puff and brioche bread croutons 


To the slaughterhouse | €16

Scottona burger 200g, crispy bacon, roasted tomato and onion, farm cheddar and Burger sauce served with French fries


Let's curl up | €15

Northern cod fried in dark beer batter, potato peel and tartar sauce


Artikraken | €16

Deepfried artichokes and octopus with octopus maio


Happy greens | €12

Raw veggies and leaves,nuts and tomatoes salad


The butcher
and the fisherman

The palette | 30

The regions of Italy: journey to the butchery cellarsand in the dairies of our country from north to south our romantic and traditional selection

Il Pizzicarolo: A trip to Canino | €28

Collection of great cured meats and cheeses from Lazio, a combination of pork butcher tradition and Caseus from the Roman countryside: Pecorino.

The three little pigs | €26

Three great Italian hams, for unmistakable flavors and aromas.

San Daniele, Norcia, Nero dei Nebrodi

Say Cheese! | €22

Seasoned, blue-veined, soft and all smelly, the best Italian cheeses selected for you


_H4A2003 (1).jpg

Oyster bar

Oysters Fine de Claire | 5€ per piece

Marennes-Oléron, le petit mataret caliber 2

Oysters Special de Claire | 6€ per piece

Marennes-Oléron, le petit mataret caliber 3

Raw fish & Crustacea

Three fish based on daily catch | €25

filleted and served plain, with matching sauces and citrus fruits

Scampi, red prawns and gobbetti | €15 per hectogram

served on ice, sold by the piece, paid by weight



Maracaibo | €8

Pistachio brioche,coconut and white chocolate


Tiramichoux | €8

Cocoa bignè mascarpone cream and caramel coffee


A romantic in Capri | €8

Chocolate and almond caprese, English cream, black cherry variegato and red fruit coulis



Semifreddo with hazelnut, mandarin and Mantuan pumpkin cream


Copacabana | €8

Fruit salad with fruit souces and whipped cream



1) cereals containing gluten

2) crustaceans
3 eggs

4) fish

5) peanuts

6) soy

7) milk and lactose

8) nuts

9) celery

10) mustard

11) sesame seeds

12) sulfur dioxide and sulphites

13) lupins

14) molluscs
*For severe allergies, inform the waiter

Bread basket €3

Where we are


Via Galvani 24 

Rome, Testaccio area

Info and reservations:


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