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Angelina in Testaccio

In Angelina's restaurant in Testaccio there is all the knowledge and flavor of times gone by.  Here Angelina wanted to respect and enhance the architecture of the place and what gave the neighborhood its value... the slaughterhouse.

For this reason it has maintained the original furnishings, the sloping floor, the rods on the ceiling where the skins were attached, the signs indicating the breeds of meat, the large fireplaces; in the center a table recovered from an ancient convent.

From the kitchen the smells herald the food that is about to arrive and at the same time awaken memories and emotional bonds.

Where we are

Angelina Testaccio restaurant

Via Galvani, 24/A 

Rome, Testaccio area

From Monday to Sunday

12.20 - 15.00

7.30pm - 11.30pm

Closed for lunch on Tuesdays

Info and reservations: 0657283840

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