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Angelina reveals in her name her vocation as a messenger of harmony and well-being. With kindness and grace he crosses abandoned places still pervaded with energy and strength, he brings them back to life, enhancing their imperfect, stratified beauty, full of memories.


In these rediscovered places, Angelina carefully handles the ancient recipes preserved from generation to generation, sinks her hands into the flour and with ritual and skilful gestures kneads the bread, the fettuccine, the desserts. This is how he takes care of the guests he welcomes into his "home". In the Roman restaurant and in the cocktail bar the diners savor the food prepared with art and knowledge, they meet faces and glances,narratives are orchestrated, bonds are created,relationships are nurtured, a convivial experience that is humanly and culturally rich is lived.

Discover Angelina



Angelina in a poetic and timeless vision develops elegant and sophisticated settings for you, creating a dialogue between food, settings and intimacy

Angelina is catering, events in the art world and much more.

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